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Welcome to Power Wheelz

Having Mobility needs can be a bummer sometimes.. at the end of the day you just have to make the best of it. I have needed mobility aides since late 1995. I always worked very hard to not let people know that I had disabilities... but my condition progressed to the point that everyone was noticing but me!  I have good days and bad like everyone else so many times I can get out and walk for 5 min. with the best of them! However other times I need help crossing the living room. I have preached many times from a mobility aide.. my first sermon was from a wheelchair and I suppose my last will be too!

So to make it more fun I began sprucing up my power chairs! I've put everything from lights and sirens to sound systems on my scooters and wheelchairs. Because many have began folling my lastest "upgrades" I decided to add it to a page on my website! Enjoy!

Current Powerchair additions:

  • 300 watt sound system
  • Chrome Tube Railing
  • Flame Stickers
  • LED light strips with illuminated racing flames
  • Dual Bubble Blowers w/ nitros bottles
  • Custom Designed NOS Stickers... (really funny)
  • Headlights
  • Front Strobes and Lower Strobes
  • Disco Cube
  • USA Rear Lighting
  • Custom switch boxes
  • Cane holder with GoPro mount
  • Self contained entertainment unit
  • The Wicked Smiley Control knob

 New Additions for May 2015:

  • Total Sound System Upgrade of both main sound system to a higher quality and louder system and upgraded the main speaker to dual sub drivers in a ported box. Also has its own power supply and bluetooth so the chair can talk to people while I'm in the Haunted Mansion ...
  • Master power switch making it easier to leave accessories switched in position when getting out of chair.
  • P.A. system and sirens.
  • Karoke for kids and staff to sing along.
  • Replacement light source and reflective lenses for the USA on the back.
  • Tank shut off valves and Florida Plate

May 2015 Current Upgrades


Other Mobility I've used

Continuing Upgrades on my Hoveround

Current Build Progress