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Biblical guidelines for the use of cell phones and other devices
on Wednesday, September 23 2015
It is important to understand that having a personal electronic device such as a cell phone, tablet, computer, tv, ipod, mp3 player, video games… ect.. is a privilege. They are not needed to function in school, church or any other activity. Us …
Should God be allowed in schools?
on Friday, July 3 2015
By Chaplian Rick Brewer   I often see or hear the statement of “Put God Back in Schools” and while I understand their zeal I’m afraid I cannot agree with it. In this article I will provide a history of God and prayer in schoo …
Is giving a child an allowance scriptural?
on Thursday, January 22 2015
Should parents give kids an allowance? This indeed is a great question and with any great question there are differing points of view. There is certainly a need of stewardship and teaching children how to use money wisely... but is the giving of allo …
When Should you start taking a child to Church?
on Saturday, September 20 2014
The family is under attack! Make no mistake in this. The ideals of the home, the structure, the leadership have all being separated and diminished. While there are many factors that have led to this situation we should not dwell on why or how; but ra …

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