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Inspector Clueless
on Tuesday, February 3 2015
The Inspector Clueless theme is about a detective who is gathering the clues to find the truth. But the inspecter doesen't know the truth is right in front of him in the Bible. More information to come.
Gods Global Warming
on Tuesday, February 3 2015
For the God's Global Warming theme, you can direct it towards missionaries and God warming hearts all over the world. More information to come.
on Tuesday, February 3 2015
For the theme of Faithbook, teach that God has sent you a friend request do you accept or ignore.  If they have accepted the request, teach they should try to unfriend the world. For The Skit Have some characters trying to do like a real life Facebook, by doing things  like: poking Writing on a wall Crushing Candy running around a …
Indiana Jonah
on Tuesday, February 3 2015
In the Theme of Indiana Jonah, let the kids join you in the Quest For The Cross, meeting villans and missonaries on the way. During the journey you can teach that being Saved is the quest of a lifetime. Idea For The Week If your church has access to Skype, try to set up a call or calls with Missionaries and their families across the world.To show …
Game Show
on Monday, February 2 2015
For the game show theme, You can teach that God gave you a free prize, if you choose to accept it. You can use sermon titles such as: The Price Is Right(or Is The Price Right) Deal Or No Deal The Wheel Of Fortune Fear Factor Name Ideas for your host or skit characters Howard  I. Know Pearl E. Gates Barb E. Doll Flecher Biceps D …
To the Pond and Beyond
on Monday, February 2 2015
use the "To The Pond And Beyond" theme to show that God loves and protects all creatures, using Biblical references to animals such as: Luke 12:6 Proverbs 6:6 Luke 12:24 Idea for the skit  When we put this on, we used the story of a father and a son who were out fishing, and the son wasn't interested in fishing,but wanted to be home w …
Destination Discovery - Mad Scientist
on Monday, February 2 2015
Use the theme of mad scientist to show the children how God works through nature by using different experiments like: Elephant toothpaste anti gravity/water pulled up into a glass diving ketchup bottlle dry ice bubble instant snow fountain bottle inflating a baloon with dry ice polymer in a cup shuffle kinetic sand dry ice bombs crus …