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My Name is Rick Brewer and what can I say but... We're Addicted! (1 Corinthians 16:15b and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints) I was saved early in our marriage, while serving in the Air Force. My wife Lori and I began to seek ways to serve Jesus Christ; we swept floors, stacked chairs, ran the book store.. whatever we could do. Then one day Dr. Jim White came along; his preaching went right to the core of serving God and we surrendered for full time service that night. 

Preparation is an important part of any ministry, and because we did not know what God wanted us to do we prepared for everything. I took Bible college courses in Germany, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana earning my Pastoral & Chaplaincy Ordinations and certifications; all while working in different fields and owning a business. Because of the Chaplaincy I never filled a pulpit position because our ministry was out in the streets and the homes working with folks during some of the worst times of their lives. While at church we were busy working anywhere we could; teaching Sunday School, helping with the Christian Archery program, bus ministries, I preached in 3 different nursing homes twice a week and preached in the church when the pastor was out of town.

A Family Affair 

In January 2000 we formed the First Responders Support Ministries where, as a family, we worked with Police, Fire, EMS & the Coroners Office. Our goal was to provide both ministry support as well as public education on the sacrifices our great public safety officers make daily. In addition we worked within other related organizations such as: The Lexington Public Safety Museum (Director on the Board) Citizens Fire Academy, Citizens Police Academy (and the Alumni Assoc.) Volunteers in Police Service, the Parks and Recs Dept (as Archery Instructors), and the Citizens Emergency Responce Team (Director on the Board). Our Children were a huge part in this outreach as they helped pass out tracts and flyers, helped with cookouts, and with visitation to the different stations. Lance always made sure EVERYONE we met got a hug (literally!) Damietta was always there to get the ..aww.. effect when she'd strike the cute poses, and Angelia was the workhorse pitching in anywhere there was a need. Our Children have always been homeschooled and Angelia is currently attending Bible College.

Down, but not out!

Serving in the Air Force was something that we thought was going to be my path and career in life... but God had other plans. While serving during Desert Storm I was exposed to toxic materials; my nervous system began to deteriorate. I lost the ability to walk for long distances as well as some other physical limitations. My health was always an up/down battle, although God allowed me to regain most of my mobility from 2007 through 2010. In the summer of 2010 a mild stroke led to a rapid decline in my health and mobility. On the other side, in 2004, Lori was diagnosed with Cancer. So began a three year battle of surgeries, chemo and radiation. During these difficult times is when it seemed that God used us the most. We were determined not to let things like that slow us down. We never missed a church service, I added 2 more nursing homes to my Preaching circuit and Lori started witnessing at the Cancer Center leading many women to Christ. 

See a need, fill a need 

Part of filling that need came in the area of local business ownership. It was a way for us to be able to pay the bills while giving me the flexibility to be on call 24/7.  I started a local flyer distribution service, that over a short period of time became extremely popular. I began to fill my customers needs; and in doing so, began to learn the about print graphics, commercial graphic design and web design. I studied coutless hours of design, trying to get better with each advertisement. Teaming up with Modern Web Studios in 2008 we began a relationship that prevails today as I continue to expand the services I can provide to God's servants.

Stepping up our game

Perhaps you think that it's time to slow down, take a break and relax... Allow me to say God has allowed us to step up our game. Now, serving at Slater Road Baptist Church in Florida I preach weekly as well as teach Sunday school and lead congregational singing; along with home visits as well as keep a full time position working in the web development field. My wife works with our youth ministry as well as helping me keep my sanity. The kids help out here and there; working in the nursery, cleaning the church and mowing.. whatever the need.

Being in the ministry and also a business owner has given us a unique perspective. Understanding of the needs of Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Missionaries and business owners we desire to help provide resources to God's servants. Whether in advice, materials or ideas we want to try and give to others what God has shared with us..